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Checklist - Random A&D Testing


Resources (contact info below)


 Should have in place before  announcing

Unique to random

Approved and updated policy to include random testing either through amendment or official notification to affected workers

Barb Butler

See wording below – provided by Barb Butler



Identify safety sensitive positions to include in random testing pool. Option to include specified management (definition below)

Barb Butler

Ft. McM. group has been meeting from various organizations to work together on this – so organizations should have this completed (DARRPP definition shown below used as foundation).



Set up a database which will handle the selection of workers for random testing on an ongoing basis including random follow-up testing; also need a system to store test results

RSAP model for hiring hall workers. Normally third party administrator for employees


Access to this information must be tightly controlled to meet privacy legislation. Min is 4.17% monthly or .96% weekly of safety sensitive/specified workforce. For own employees lab/MRO providers (TPA) can provide this if testing is contracted through them. Orgs will need to have process to provide names to providers.  For contractors, unions – use RSAP model.



Owner companies only – notification of expectations to contractors


Notify contractors of expectations regarding the need for them to comply with the requirements for the pilot for workers on the site



Communication planning

Your PA resource;

A  communication package has been developed and is available to participating organizations from DARRPP website.

Additional tools such as toolbox talk sheets, stickers, and a video are also available on the web site for participants.


Should already have something in place if you currently test.

Set up testing process & procedures; determine testing process & type of testing to be used for random – urine or oral fluid

DriverCheck, CannAmm;  Sure Hire are Third Party Admin. – they contract with  Maxxam & Gamma Dynacare which are certified as DOT compliant labs

 Oral fluid point of collection tests are not acceptable; may wish to look at oral fluid lab based test for random program if you are using urine point of collection; or add oral fluid lab test to use results for discipline. (as per collective agreement if applicable)



Have a medical review officer in place to review testing results

Normally affiliated with the Third Party Admin.

All non-negative test results must be reviewed by the MRO before being reported to the company. The collection, lab work and MRO can all be done by the same organization. (who)


Should already have something in place if you currently test

Have available voluntary confidential counselling services in place through an  EAP provider, local community resources, union program, etc.


Key is that workers know where they can get assistance before a violation. May want to gear up as likely to see increased numbers when program is announced/starts.


Should already have something in place if you currently test

 Set up arrangements with independent qualified Substance Abuse Experts/Professionals to do separate addiction assessments for workers who test positive

Human Solutions; Integrated Workplace Solutions;  Alberta Health Services

EAP may have service or advise on it. Use providers with SAE/SAP certification/qualification.


Should already have something in place if you currently test

 Case management process for:

 Arranging treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation/return to work.

OHI;  Lifemark;  Shepell FGI

Some of this may be done by an EAP provider or internal resources. Need to have practices in place re: paying for treatment, disability benefit coverage, etc.


Should already have something in place if you currently test

 Train supervisors/managers on changes to policies and processes – on line training for general random testing policies is available.

 Live CLRA for those covered by the model; Corridor Interactive for on-line training

 Training may or may not be needed depending on extent of current program; communication to leaders may be all that is needed.

Need to have a plan but training can be done after and during company rollout.

Should already have something in place if you currently test

Method to report data required for the pilot – safety stats. A&D testing data and EAP/case management data.


List of required data and process for entering has been developed by DARRPP and participants will fill in on the website.


Should already have something in place if you currently test

This is not legal advice - Consult your legal resource re: all aspects of this program – type of testing, safety sensitive positions, processes, notice to employees, case management, rehabilitation, discipline, etc.

Your legal resource





Barb Butler, Barb Butler & Associates Inc. (Policy advice and program set up) Email: barb@butlerconsultants.com

Phone: 416-926-7599 Website: http://www.butlerconsultants.com/barb.html

DriverCheck (Third Party Administration) Contact: Ross Mullen Email: rossmullen@drivercheck.ca  Phone: 403-720-5848

Website: www.drivercheck.ca

Maxxam Analytics (certified laboratory) Contact: Joshua Dias  Email: jdias@maxxam.ca  Phone: 905-817-5742

Website: www.maxxam.ca or http//maxxam.ca/services/drug-and-alcohol-testing

CannAmm (Third Party Administration) Contact: Wayne St. John Email: wayne.stjohn@cannamm.com

Phone: 780-453-9439 ext. 4256 Website: www.cannamm.com

Gamma Dynacare Medical Labs (certified laboratory) Contact: Barb Jones Email: jonesb@gamma-dynacare.com

Phone: 800-265-5946 ext. 1206 or 519-679-1630 Website: www.gamma-dynacare.com

Corridor Interactive (for on-line supervisor training) Contact: Heather Mooney Email: hmooney@corridorinteractive.com

Phone: 403-444-7292 Website: www.corridorinteractive.com

Organizational Health Inc. (OHI) (for case management & EAP) Contact: Bob MacArthur Email: bob@orghealthinc.com

Phone: 780-944-0025 Website: ohiinc.ca

Human Solutions (Substance Abuse Expert Assessments) Contact: Lorene Beckett Email: lbeckett@humansolutions.ca

Phone: 604-689-8604 Website: www.homewoodhumansolutions.ca

Integrated Workplace Solutions (Substance Abuse Professional Assessments) Contact: Samantha Wharton Email: swharton@fseap.com

Phone 888-765-8464 ext. 240 or 416-585-9985 ext. 240

Website: http:www.i-workplacesolutions.com/main.htm or http//www.i-workplacesolutions.com/sapplus.htm

Shepell FGI (Substance Abuse Professional Assessments) Contact: Jennifer Fodden  Email: jfodden@shepellfgi.com

Phone: 416-355-5430 Website: www.shepellfgi.com

Alberta Health Services Business & Industry Clinic (addictions treatment) contact: Christie Spronk 780-538-6386 website: www.albertahealthservices.ca/businessindustryclinic.asp 

The Randomizer (random testing software) www.randomtesting.com


Addition to wording for policy to address random testing (per Barb Butler) or base for employee notification:

Random testing: in addition to the testing requirements set out in this policy, all employees who hold a safety-sensitive position are subject to random alcohol and drug testing. Testing will take place on an unannounced basis spread evenly throughout the year, with selection handled by an independent, qualified Third Party Administrator (TPA).

If the company is also including management positions in their random testing, then the following definition should also be considered and reference to specified management positions should be added to the statement above.

Specified management positions, are considered risk-sensitive because the holder has significant involvement in decisions or actions which could directly affect safe operations. This normally includes all individuals who directly supervise individuals who hold a safety-sensitive position.


A safety sensitive position is defined as one where there is an elevated level of risk inherent to the position and the working environment. This elevated level of risk requires additional management controls within the context of a comprehensive alcohol & drug program to deter the use of alcohol, drugs, and other substances where such use may negatively affect work performance and safety.