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Communication Materials

Here are current versions of all of the communication materials available to DARRPP participants:

DARRPP launch news release June 20, 2012

DARRPP Brochure

Printing specifications for the brochure:

15"w x 8.5"h trim, 4 panel – double gatefold: 3.75” x 8.5” finished size.
Printing 2 sides, 4/4 (cmyk), bleeds.
Stock: Productolith Gloss, 100 lb text.

DARRPP Toolbox Tips (to be used by front line supervisors and modified to suit participant needs)

DARRPP PowerPoint Overview (for briefing stakeholders on what DARRPP is about -- can be modified or expanded to suit participant needs)

DARRPP Stickers (includes printing specs)

DARRPP Video: "Sobering Thoughts" (a video overview of DARRPP featuring comments from industry executives and people whose lives have been affected by alcohol and drugs)

Click here to download the DARRPP video.
Click here to download the DARRPP video in HD.

Click her to download DARRPP Log (EPS)