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Organizations that are involved in oil sands operations, and heavy industrial construction and maintenance are eligible to participate in Alberta’s Drug & Alcohol Risk Reduction Pilot Project. This includes contractors of oil sands companies that are DARRPP participants.


The participants share the costs of the pilot project, which include the cost of administration, the communication package, and audit and evaluation costs. As of July, 2012 it is expected that there will be no cost to small or medium organizations (other than your costs for testing and your internal administration) – there may be some cost to large organizations – please contact the DARRPP Administrator to confirm this.

Why Participate?

  1. It is expected that the results of the pilot will be increased workplace safety, decreased workers testing positive for alcohol or drugs at work and more workers getting help for A&D problems. This will be of significant benefit to employers.
  2. Assistance will be provided to participants such as advice and tools on how to implement an A&D program including random testing.
  3. A website is available, with a section for participants only, which will provide tools, information and resources.
  4. All participants will have access to a professionally developed DARRPP communication package, which can be customized to your needs and includes a power point overview, brochure, video, tool box talk sheets, artwork for stickers and posters.
  5. Contractors on sites where oil sands owners are DARRPP participants will be expected to have an A&D program in place – participation in DARRPP will assist you in understanding what is required and how to implement your program effectively.

Steps to take to Participate

If you are interested in participating in DARRPP, here are suggested steps to get you started:

  1. On the DARRPP website (www.darrpp.ca) there are two documents you should have a look at – one is the DARRPP principles, the other is the DARRPP guidance document – these include some of the basic standards that organizations would apply.
  2. Have a look at the “random testing checklist” on the DARRPP site – this identifies the typical steps to take to add random testing to your existing A&D program and to ensure you have the key practices in place that will be needed. It also suggests some definitions and resources that you will need as part of implementation.
  3. If you have questions about any of the above please contact the DARRPP Administrator, Pat Atkins preferably by email at pmatkins@shaw.ca or click on “contact us” on the website – any email sent there will go directly to Pat. If you would like to discuss your question on the phone with Pat, please send an email and we will set up a time for a discussion.
  4. If you would like to participate, go to the participants section on the website and click on the application form. You will be directed to set up a user name and password, and fill in the application form on line. If you fill in part of the form, you can go back to it later and fill in more information, provided you use the same computer and go back within 30 days. Once you have filled in the form, it will be reviewed by the Administrator, and approved. You will receive an email when this happens.
  5. Once approved as a participant, you will be directed to enter base line data for 2011 – this will be used as comparative data, as part of the data analysis for the pilot. You will then be asked to start entering data monthly for the 2 years of the pilot. You will also be part of the pilot evaluation and audit process.