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Sept. 7, 2012 editorial in the Calgary Herald: Union is wrong to oppose random drug tests for oilsands workers.

Alcohol and Drug research

U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Drug and Alcohol Testing Results 2008 Annual Report. 
This report, published in September, 2010, includes research data that demonstrate long-term reductions in alcohol and drug testing violation rates from 1995 to 2008.

Effectiveness of Mandatory Alcohol Testing Programs in Reducing Alcohol Involvement in Fatal Motor Carrier Crashes.
This study, published in The American Journal of Epidemiology (Vol. 170, No. 6, August 19, 2009), found that implementation of mandatory alcohol testing programs was found to be associated with a 23% reduced risk of alcohol involvement in fatal crashes by truck drivers in the U.S.

Do drug -free workplace protrams prevent occupational injuries?

Evidence from Washington Stat; wickizer T.M. et al.; Health Serv. Res. 2004 Feb 39(1):91-110 2004.

As assessment of drug testing within the construction industry

A&D testing reduces injury incident rates by 51% among 71 construction companies in the US. Gerber J.K. et al. J Drug Educ. 2002: 32(1)53-68. 2002.

Addiction among seniors


Information regarding addicitions

This link is to a website where there is information regarding addicitions and substance abuse.



Procor Sulphur Services and C.E.P. Loc. 57 79 L.A.C. (4th) 341 Ponak, (1998)

Requirement for random testing for safety sensitive employee convicted for cultivation and possession of marijuana.

Entrop v. Imperial Oil Ltd. 50 O.R. (3rd) 18 (C.A. 2000)

Employee in safety sensitive position required to disclose that he was a recovering alcohol.

Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd. and I.B.E.W. Local 424 (Elliott, 2001)

Worker refused a test.

J.D. Irving Ltd. v. Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 104 and 1309 (Drug and Alcohol Policy Grievance) 111 L.A.C. (4th) 328 (Picher, 2002)

Involves a grievance relating to an employer-imposed alcohol and drug policy.

Fraser Lake Sawmills Ltd. v. IWA canada, Local 1-424, 2003 CLLC 143, 417 (B.C.L.R.B.).

Case involving workplace misconduct relating to addiction and the circumstances to take into account in discipline of workers with a dependency.

Alberta v. Elizabeth Metis Settlement, 19 Alta. L.R. (4th) 71 (Q.B. 2003), reversed on other grounds, May 20, 2005 (C.A.)

Refusal by workers not in safety sensitive jobs to take alcohol and drug tests.

Milazzo v. Autocar Connaisseur Inc., (2003) C.H.R.D. No 24

Coach driver tests positive, has no disability; duty to accommodate.

Suncor Energy Inc. v. Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 707, (2004) A.G.A.A. No. 35 (Jones).

Employee in safety-sensitive position dismissed after refusing to submit to A&D test after minor incident; had been charged with drug possession; did not have substance abuse problem.

Chaisson v. Kellogg, Brown & Root (Canada) Company, (Alberta Human Rights Panel Member June 7, 2005)

Worker is terminated for testing positive on a pre-employment A&D test; recreational user.






Construction Owners Association of Alberta

Website of the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) where you can find The Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace 

General Information

General information about workplace health and safety is available from Alberta Employment and Immigration's Occupational Health and Safety Page.

General information about human rights is available from the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

General information about privacy and the protection of personal information is available from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta.


Note that the following organizations have indicated that they are qualified to provide the services mentioned below. DARRP does not endorse or recommmend these organizations. Companies wishing to contract for these services will need to conduct their own independent assessment of the qualifications and quality of the providers.

Barb Butler, Barb Butler & Associates Inc. (Policy advice and program set up) Email: barb@butlerconsultants.com

Tel 416-926-7599 website: http://www.butlerconsultants.com/barb.html

DriverCheck (Third Party Administration) Contact: Ross Mullen email: rossmullen@drivercheck.ca Tel 403-720-5848

website: www.drivercheck.ca

Maxxam Analytics (certified laboratory) Contact: Joshua Dias email: jdias@maxxam.ca Tel 905-817-5742 website: www.maxxam.ca or http//maxxam.ca/servides/drug-and-alcohol-testing

Harold E. Hoffman MD, FRCPC,(MRO and occupational medicine) Occupational Medicine Specialist, Meadowlark Place Professional Centre, #410, 8708 - 155 St. Edmonton, Alberta T5R 1W2, Tel 780-439-9491 email: Harold@Dr.Hoffman.ca

CannAmm (Third Party Administration) Contact: Wayne St. John email: wayne.stjohn@cannamm.com Tel 780-453-9439 ext. 4256 website:  www.cannamm.com)

Inegrated Workplace Solutions (substance abuse professional assessments) Contact: Samantha Wharton email: swharton@fseap.com Tel 888-765-8464 ext. 240 or 416-585-9985 ext. 240 website: http:www.i-workplacesolutions.com/main.htm or http//www.i-workplacesolutions.com/sapplus.htm

Shepell FGI (substance abuse professional assessments) Contact: Jennifer Fodden email: jfodden@shepellfgi.com Tel 416-355-5430 website: www.shepellfgi.com

Alberta Health Services Business & Industry Clinic (addictions treatment) Contact: Christie Spronk Tel 780-538-6386 website: www.albertahealthservices.ca/businessindustryclinic.asp

Edgewood Addictions Treatment website: www.edgewood.ca

Corridor Interactive (for on-line supervisor training) Contact: Heather Mooney email: hmooney@corridorinteractive.com Tel 402-444-7292 website: www.corridorinteractive.com

The Randomizer (random testing software) www.randomtesting.com